What is HIV Test?

HIV Kit Test

Perhaps we often wonder, what does an HIV test and any kind needs to be known about it, whether the important and necessary? The HIV test is a blood examination that is used to ensure a positive person infected with HIV or not.

Awareness for HIV testing itself recognized in our country is still very low. Perhaps because people who want to test confidentiality was afraid it would leak, not mentally prepared to accept the examination results (if positive) as in society there are still discrimination against people living with HIV and a variety of other reasons. When we ourselves feel for this risky behavior, such as never having sex with people who we do not believe his sexual history, ever blood transfusion, disposable syringes drugs interchangeably without sterilized first, and then we should need to have a test.

What Does HIV checksThe more we immediately know the condition of our health, so many positive things we can do next. HIV testing is also beneficial to the interests of HIV/ AIDS, because it can describe the magnitude of the problem HIV/ AIDS epidemic in the community called surveillance. And most importantly, when someone took the test and tested positive for it will give people the opportunity to begin treatment immediately, as the sooner a person knows their status, the greater the benefits of such treatment, as well as becoming more aware of the various things that can harm and worsen health. Some PLWHA was determined to do various things positive after they learned infected with HIV, for example, with the active in AIDS organizations and contribute their labor to AIDS prevention activities.

How HIV testing procedure?

This examination is voluntary, meaning that the person who will perform the examination based on self-awareness and without coercion from anyone. In addition, certainly anything in laboratory diagnosis (positive or negative results) should be guaranteed confidentiality and are not allowed to be disseminated, if necessary, this examination can be anonymous (no names), for example, for the purposes of health surveys. Some of the rules mentioned above are certainly not just limited to that, which is no less important to do now is going to have a test counseling. In the pre-test counseling, the counseling is done before someone who will do a blood check taken the first counseling. Before undergoing the test one needs to be aware and know the meaning of positive and negative for the next life. Pre-test counseling is also very helpful if someone can rationally accept positive results. In addition, pre-test counseling is beneficial to help people behave more secure than infection, to convince the decision would be taken the test or not, preparations and help someone when the results will be positive.

How Do This Tests Work?

Generally, blood tests were performed using the ELISA test. When the current ELISA test result is positive it will be confirmed by Western Blot test. Because the ELISA test is one method that has high sensitivity but low specifications, while the Western Blot is a test that has a high specification but the sensitivity is low, then these two methods will usually be combined.

Today, people also like to do HIV testing at home using a test kit that can be bought online, because this method is good if you want to undergo confidential test. Be careful when choosing this kit, only choose approved test kit in order to get reliable result. Confidential test for HIV is important for them who worry about their privacy. Conduct this test at home using HIV kit may one of many solution which can help. We offer the only approved HIV test kit for you, high quality, reliable result, fast and anonymous delivery. Find out what your status without worrying about privacy using our high quality HIV test kit.