Is There A Treatment For HIV?

Is There Any Possible HIV Cure That Exists Now?

Everyone wants to really hope that cure for AIDS exists. As well as if you want how right this is, read the information listed below.

It’s time to transform the instructions of action of HIV cure.

During the resist human immunodeficiency bacteria a multitude of HIV cures were developed. If you have time to use them as quickly as the signs and symptoms of HIV are found, as well as not to violate the fundamental principles of therapy, you can ruin HIV in a couple of days.

Why does it not happen? – The infection grows really swiftly!

It is killed by anti-retroviral medications.

It is killed by the body immune system of the body. (However, it invests a lot initiative, and after that it takes a long time to be brought back.).

Finally, the infection is destroyed.

But a few days later on it shows up in the blood once again, and in rather large quantities. Where from? Exactly what to do in this situation?

They also try to fight versus immunodeficiency virus, discarding the inactive HIV virions in network of its inner membranes. No one could see outside that the virus is “ingested” and is inside the macrophage.

And virus is simply sleeping. And when specific problems take place (e.g., when the bacteria focus outside the cell decreases due to treatment), HIV virus permeate membrane of macrophages as well as go outside. As one of the professionals said, “in a couple of days, the bacteria reappears, as well as its level ends up being the like if the client has never been treated”. Bacteria contaminates cells, which regrow as well as start generating of new duplicates of the infection.

A brand-new HIV cure does not combat versus the infection, however against contaminated macrophages. Only with contaminated – normal uninfected macrophages become part of the body’s defense system, and they shouldn’t be eliminated. So, we need to think of: to start with, how you can distinguish infected macrophages from clean ones; second of all, the best ways to cure or at least destroy the infected macrophages; and also finally, it would be good to stop regeneration of these cells as well as avoid infection circulation.

Scientists have actually found ways to block HIV-1 reproduction in cells. Results of the study were published in Cell Host & Germ.

Scientific discovery was that the recombination protein SAMHD1 was discovered, and also it could block the duplication of HIV-1, as well as therefore avoid the contamination of the body by human immunodeficiency infection. That is, if the cell contains the protein (e.g., dendritic cell), the virus does not grow in it, and also if there is no such healthy protein (CD4 T cells), HIV is permeate right into the cell as well as utilize its genetic mechanism for reproduction.Using mass spectrometry it was located that when SAMHD1 is phosphorylated, the cell is vulnerable to HIV-1 and also could be polluted. And if you get rid of the phosphate deposit from the chemical formula of healthy protein, signaling as well as governing systems of cells become non-active, as well as HIV-1 virions could not join a macrophage (i.e., it gets involved in the cell, however it cannot reproduce). At today time scientists aim to resolve trouble the best ways to maintain the healthy protein SAMHD1 unphosphorylated to quit the reproduction of immunodeficiency virus in the cells of the body.

The concept of operation of HIV cure is clear, as well as after the choice of condition 3 a medication, that aids cells does not spread out the virus, can be created.

P.S. It shows up that SAMHD1 healthy protein acts only on the HIV-1. Yet HIV-2 multiplies quietly and also does not focus on it.