Is There A Treatment For HIV?

Is There Any Possible HIV Cure That Exists Now?

Everyone wants to really hope that cure for AIDS exists. As well as if you want how right this is, read the information listed below.

It’s time to transform the instructions of action of HIV cure.

During the resist human immunodeficiency bacteria a multitude of HIV cures were developed. If you have time to use them as quickly as the signs and symptoms of HIV are found, as well as not to violate the fundamental principles of therapy, you can ruin HIV in a couple of days.

Why does it not happen? – The infection grows really swiftly!

It is killed by anti-retroviral medications.

It is killed by the body immune system of the body. (However, it invests a lot initiative, and after that it takes a long time to be brought back.).

Finally, the infection is destroyed.

But a few days later on it shows up in the blood once again, and in rather large quantities. Where from? Exactly what to do in this situation?

They also try to fight versus immunodeficiency virus, discarding the inactive HIV virions in network of its inner membranes. No one could see outside that the virus is “ingested” and is inside the macrophage.

And virus is simply sleeping. And when specific problems take place (e.g., when the bacteria focus outside the cell decreases due to treatment), HIV virus permeate membrane of macrophages as well as go outside. As one of the professionals said, “in a couple of days, the bacteria reappears, as well as its level ends up being the like if the client has never been treated”. Bacteria contaminates cells, which regrow as well as start generating of new duplicates of the infection.

A brand-new HIV cure does not combat versus the infection, however against contaminated macrophages. Only with contaminated – normal uninfected macrophages become part of the body’s defense system, and they shouldn’t be eliminated. So, we need to think of: to start with, how you can distinguish infected macrophages from clean ones; second of all, the best ways to cure or at least destroy the infected macrophages; and also finally, it would be good to stop regeneration of these cells as well as avoid infection circulation.

Scientists have actually found ways to block HIV-1 reproduction in cells. Results of the study were published in Cell Host & Germ.

Scientific discovery was that the recombination protein SAMHD1 was discovered, and also it could block the duplication of HIV-1, as well as therefore avoid the contamination of the body by human immunodeficiency infection. That is, if the cell contains the protein (e.g., dendritic cell), the virus does not grow in it, and also if there is no such healthy protein (CD4 T cells), HIV is permeate right into the cell as well as utilize its genetic mechanism for reproduction.Using mass spectrometry it was located that when SAMHD1 is phosphorylated, the cell is vulnerable to HIV-1 and also could be polluted. And if you get rid of the phosphate deposit from the chemical formula of healthy protein, signaling as well as governing systems of cells become non-active, as well as HIV-1 virions could not join a macrophage (i.e., it gets involved in the cell, however it cannot reproduce). At today time scientists aim to resolve trouble the best ways to maintain the healthy protein SAMHD1 unphosphorylated to quit the reproduction of immunodeficiency virus in the cells of the body.

The concept of operation of HIV cure is clear, as well as after the choice of condition 3 a medication, that aids cells does not spread out the virus, can be created.

P.S. It shows up that SAMHD1 healthy protein acts only on the HIV-1. Yet HIV-2 multiplies quietly and also does not focus on it.

HIV and AIDS Facts

Study HIV Facts

Read HIV Facts

Researchers have actually stopped the professional trials of HIV vaccine as a result of its inefficacy. Injection contained DNA fragments which had genetic product of the healthy protein molecule of HIV. As it was thought that these safe pieces would certainly generate antibodies, which on action might damage the virus.

For experiment 2504 HIV-negative prospects were picked from 19 significant places. Fifty percent of the peoples were given vaccination versus HIV, as well as the other half SUGAR PILL. As doctors had actually assumed that some prospects will be contaminated in near future, they could only wait for the outcomes. After 28 weeks of evaluation, HIV infection was found in 27 immunized candidates, and also 21 individuals from the control group. During professional tests of repressive result of injection can be confirmed, so the growth of this vaccination was quit.

Exactly what is “Serological Home window” or “HIV home window period?

HIV Facts number 1

Learn HIV ReviewsYou are transfused with HIV-negative healthy benefactor. Just what are the opportunities to obtain HIV infection from him?


Possibilities are more, than during intercourse with HIV contaminated person (with use of condom), which is 1 in 4000 instances.

The HIV examination does not spot the quantity of virus, as well as the amount of antigens that the body produces to combat with the virus. This takes some time, therefore if the benefactor is HIV infected, the test will certainly not find quickly, just after the organism will create this antigen. This duration is referred to as <>.

Knowing this the blood transfusion centers maintain the blood or its parts for a duration of 6 months. Then once again HIV examination is done on the donor, if result reveals adverse after that blood can be considered for use. But! According to THAT, the serological conversion process in 95 % infected individuals is 3 months, and 99.9 % is 6 months.

The rest 0.1 % (1 in 1000 contributor) the antibody production is 1-1.5 years. And may god help you from such donor.

HIV Facts number 2

May a client who is passing away because of AIDS (The final stage of illness) have a negative test outcome of HIV?

The resistance wear price among Males and also Women.

The female is a lot more adjusted to presence as compared to males. Often it can be done without men (as HIV AwarenessPARTHOGENETIC recreation in plants). As a result ladies are a lot more difficult and also the immune system of the weak sex is more steady. Due to this women have a longer life expectancy.

Japanese scientists have actually set up that, with age degree of lymphocytes drops swiftly in men than in females. Sex-related hormone especially estrogen impacts the quantity of lymphocytes and also the body immune system. Therefore, it can be assumed that the immune system in males deteriorates much faster, but the organic age of a person is evaluated according to the body immune system.

You can see even more appealing HIV Facts signs in men and lots of cognitive, sensational HIV and HELP facts.

Your Body Immune System & Also HIV Virus Attacks

How HIV Virus Attacks Your Body

HIV is a type of a common group of bacteria called retroviruses these infections sustain their hereditary Effects of HIV Virusinformation in the kind of an acid which is called ribonucleic acid (RNA). With the use of an enzyme that is recognized as reverse transcriptase, HIV and various other retroviruses are capable enough of generating deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) from RNA, whereas several of the cells bring out the contrasting procedure, transcribing the genetic material of DNA right into RNA.

The HIV virus attack is typically deadly since it assaults directly to the body immune system cells (otherwise called T4, CD4, or T-helper lymphocytes) that would normally fight off such a viral infection. Receptors on these cells appear to equip the viral RNA to get in the cell. This infection is sexually transferred, and this is not the only bacteria or infection that is gone through intimate sexual relations. Various other (Sexually transmitted diseases) venereal diseases, as an example gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, and chlamydia, can additionally be gotten via the anal, vaginal, as well as dental sexual intercourse. The HIV infection is not only a trouble in any specific region, it is an around the world problem.

Progressively however absolutely, all the healthy and balanced CD4+T lymphocytes in the blood collapse, while this infection insistently compromises the capacity of the body to safeguard itself from infections. HIV is most typically sent with sexual intercourse.

The HIV virus assaults your immune system, our immune system has a kind of cell that are called “T Cells” the feature of this cell is to protect body from various illness assaults to the body. This is the infection that causes AIDS (acquired immune shortage syndrome) and “perinatal HIV” term is made use of when it is ensured that HIV has actually been transferred to the brand-new born infant from the mom.

HIV EffectsHIV virus is found in saliva, but the quantity in spit is as well limited to affect a person. Even if you drink a bucket of saliva of an HIV positive person, so there are none opportunities that you will certainly get influenced from HIV. It is the virus that creates established immune deficiency disorder or AIDS.

With no doubt HIV or AIDS is a lethal condition if not dealt with effectively as well as on-time. Correct injections and also various other medications are needed to survive from this harmful disease.

What is HIV Test?

HIV Kit Test

Perhaps we often wonder, what does an HIV test and any kind needs to be known about it, whether the important and necessary? The HIV test is a blood examination that is used to ensure a positive person infected with HIV or not.

Awareness for HIV testing itself recognized in our country is still very low. Perhaps because people who want to test confidentiality was afraid it would leak, not mentally prepared to accept the examination results (if positive) as in society there are still discrimination against people living with HIV and a variety of other reasons. When we ourselves feel for this risky behavior, such as never having sex with people who we do not believe his sexual history, ever blood transfusion, disposable syringes drugs interchangeably without sterilized first, and then we should need to have a test.

What Does HIV checksThe more we immediately know the condition of our health, so many positive things we can do next. HIV testing is also beneficial to the interests of HIV/ AIDS, because it can describe the magnitude of the problem HIV/ AIDS epidemic in the community called surveillance. And most importantly, when someone took the test and tested positive for it will give people the opportunity to begin treatment immediately, as the sooner a person knows their status, the greater the benefits of such treatment, as well as becoming more aware of the various things that can harm and worsen health. Some PLWHA was determined to do various things positive after they learned infected with HIV, for example, with the active in AIDS organizations and contribute their labor to AIDS prevention activities.

How HIV testing procedure?

This examination is voluntary, meaning that the person who will perform the examination based on self-awareness and without coercion from anyone. In addition, certainly anything in laboratory diagnosis (positive or negative results) should be guaranteed confidentiality and are not allowed to be disseminated, if necessary, this examination can be anonymous (no names), for example, for the purposes of health surveys. Some of the rules mentioned above are certainly not just limited to that, which is no less important to do now is going to have a test counseling. In the pre-test counseling, the counseling is done before someone who will do a blood check taken the first counseling. Before undergoing the test one needs to be aware and know the meaning of positive and negative for the next life. Pre-test counseling is also very helpful if someone can rationally accept positive results. In addition, pre-test counseling is beneficial to help people behave more secure than infection, to convince the decision would be taken the test or not, preparations and help someone when the results will be positive.

How Do This Tests Work?

Generally, blood tests were performed using the ELISA test. When the current ELISA test result is positive it will be confirmed by Western Blot test. Because the ELISA test is one method that has high sensitivity but low specifications, while the Western Blot is a test that has a high specification but the sensitivity is low, then these two methods will usually be combined.

Today, people also like to do HIV testing at home using a test kit that can be bought online, because this method is good if you want to undergo confidential test. Be careful when choosing this kit, only choose approved test kit in order to get reliable result. Confidential test for HIV is important for them who worry about their privacy. Conduct this test at home using HIV kit may one of many solution which can help. We offer the only approved HIV test kit for you, high quality, reliable result, fast and anonymous delivery. Find out what your status without worrying about privacy using our high quality HIV test kit.